Craving your touch
the beauty that you are
Wanting to taste you
In awe
Every inch
Every curve
Craving the pleasure
of your exquisite curves
The softness of your skin
The tantalizing
To torment
To the teetering
edge of your undoing
Craving your depths
Your warmth
Your clench
Your arousal
as I flick my tongue
With a want
A need
A desire
To taste
Every drop
of your offering
That moment
That time
That space
Where the pleasure
Within your core
Your soul
Your quivering flesh
is taken
by my touch
My need
My fire
To hear you scream
To feel you pulsate
To have your release
In orgasmic bliss
as your pussy
I kiss



shall not touch thee
but life
ever lasting
becoming one
as the passion
in thy merciless touch
The fire
in thy piercing eyes
releases my soul
my existence
my struggle
Ripping through
the pulse
in my flesh
a frenzied delight
quashing thy thirst
I feel whole
as my body goes cold
Taken to the heavens
in the shadow
of ones mind
in thy heart
my gift
to thee
that last breath
The essence of life
by the life of death
by the touch
of craved desire
Thus shall forever
remember the love
the sacrifice
for thee
who blessed me
their all


My curse

A picture
of perfection
a mortal soul
We’ll see…
As my mark
takes its toll
Your naked flesh
my curse
My struggle to tame
A carnal urge
through my veins
Your searing beauty
with velvety soft skin
Succulent curves
my mind
the animal
A slow approach
my fight
For when I claim you
you’ll take flight
My bite
through your soul
a storm
of pleasure
and pain
Symphonic cries
of titillated highs
rippling through
quivering thighs
My prize
Blissful sighs
consuming the air
The space
in which we writhe
and thrive
the scent
of intoxicating desire
in the taste
of lust filled sin
every thrust
as you gush
Spilling the seed
of our need
A must


Becoming one

That first night together
where the cravings
the urges
wants and needs
become one of overwhelm
reaching the point
it tickles
through our beckoning flesh
run wild
through our stomachs
That moment
our resistance
can no longer withstand
The feeling
of the want
the need
the desire
to be entangled
That moment
when every touch
is electrifying
When souls
Bliss consumes
banishes time
from existence
That moment
two become one
Lost in the depths
of each other
one another
In the heat
of lusted passion
Eyes locked
as rippling waves
of indescribable pleasures
course through our beings
The sweet sound
of panting breath
and soft moans
settles in our ears
Sharing unimaginable highs
Finding ourselves
in a warm embrace
Hearts singing
in the moment
in the space
That is us…


Beyond beauty


And there we were
Just a turn of a key away
As our hearts race with anticipation
For that door to open
Long awaited
As months of flirtatious winks and smiles
Shot across the office
From the first time I set my eyes on you
As you took employment at the law firm
Your long dark hair
Your exquisite curves
Your amazing stature
So confident and empowering
Still remembering what you were wearing
That skirt that sat just above the knee
The five inch heels that made your legs look a mile long
And the button up blouse
Showing just enough to attract
Whilst leaving plenty to the imagination
And that smile
That heart wrenching smile
Teeth as white as snow
Surrounded by such full bodied lips
Enough to make any man weak at the knees
That first look into your eyes
As green as the deepest seas
So captivating
You could get lost and never found
My world spun on its axis
Gone were the nights of wondering
Life had new purpose
Going to work with a want
A need
A craving
Just to see you
Just to share the same space as you
Your beauty so intimidating
Failed efforts of trying to make a move, start to haunt me
Confusion sweeps through me
Questions possess my thoughts
Would she ever be interested in a guy like me?
Am I worthy of her?
Could she ever feel what I feel for her?
My heart constantly pulling between
pleasure and pain
Pleasure at the prospect that this could be the one
Pain at the thought that it may never happen
I’m left pining
Until that day
The day my skin brushed against yours
An accidental connection
As we reached to push the button in the elevator
Sending an indescribable warmth through me
Turning, I catch your return gaze
As a simultaneous blush sweeps over both of us
And that’s when it happened
As I looked deep into your eyes
I saw you for the first time
Beyond the beauty
And into your heart
So warm and gentle
Yet I could feel your struggle
Your pain
It was like being connected to your inner most secrets
Your wants
Your needs
Your fears
The fear that no one would ever look at you for what is within
That your true essence would never be seen
As you have lived your life with everyone craving your exterior shell
Building walls that never let anyone close
But in this moment your walls had dropped
As we stood there
Suspended in time
Feeling this connection
Feeling each others inner being
Knowing that this moment
Right here
Right now
Was the beginning of an extraordinary journey

Weeks went by
Full of dinner dates
Walks, hand in hand along the beach
Enthralling conversations
That would leave us losing all track of time
Not to mention that first kiss
So full of passion
I swear my heart stopped beating for a second
A kiss that left us both breathless
Yearning for more
And there we were
Just a turn of a key away
As our hearts race with anticipation
For that door to open
No sooner did it close behind us
We were in each others arms
That familiar kiss
Feeling like the first time
Our hands running hungrily over each others heated bodies
As each piece of clothing puddled to the floor
Bare flesh was caressed
Every crease
Every freckle
Every inch of soft skin worshipped
Depths explored
Passions released
Souls intertwined
Ecstasy and bliss consuming our existence
Laying there, in a warm embrace
Looking into each others eyes
My fingers slowly running through your hair
Left with a feeling
A feeling never before felt
A warmth
A tickle
An overwhelming joy
Connection and freedom
All rolled into one
Like having honey running through my veins
This feeling
A reflection of love…

My everything

As I enter your room I see you sitting there on the sofa, phone in your hand, busy at work skillfully entertaining your followers.
Looking you over, the heat within me instantly rising as your beauty overwhelms all of my senses, my uncontrollable urge so hard to contain. When even just the thought of you gets my heart racing, let alone sharing the same space. Taking a deep breath, to calm the insatiable thirst I have for you. I slowly make my way over to you. Catching a glimpse of my approach in your periphery you lift your eyes to meet mine. Giving you a cheeky wink, without a word spoken your eyes follow me as I take my position sitting on the coffee table opposite you. Watching me with such curiosity, wondering what I’m up to, I whisper in a soft tone.”Don’t mind me my Angel, I didn’t come here to take you away from what you are doing. Please continue”
Placing your attention back to your time line I reach down, gently wrapping my strong hands around both your ankles, lifting your legs you willingly allow me to guide them onto my lap.
Tracing both my palms over your soft smooth skin, running them up and down from your ankles to just under your knees. Each touch so consuming, as the feel of you runs through my finger tips in flowing waves of electricity.
Running my finger tips along the tops of both your feet I wrap my hands around them giving them a gentle squeeze causing you shift slightly in your seat. The pads of my thumbs now running firmly up the instep of your feet toward your toes. Massaging, circling and kneading with both hands, I work my skillful fingers, seeing you lay back and close your eyes as the pleasure of my touch courses though you.
Watching the rise and fall of your chest increase as your breath deepens, I can sense your arousal building. Your hands falling to your side, your phone slipping from your grasp settling on the cushion beside you.
Gently kissing the top of your left foot I place them both back to the floor, legs slightly parted I move toward you. Kneeling on the sofa in front of you, one knee between your legs the other by your side.
Feeling the sink in the seat you look up at me, your eyes instantly meeting mine. With such warmth and beauty radiating from your stare, looking deep into your eyes, the gate way to your core, all your desires, passions, wants and needs reflecting back at me. As I gently cup your head between my hands.
My thumbs delicately brushing your cheeks, your velvety soft skin such a pleasure to touch. Hovering over your face. My nose circling the tip of yours.
Your scent filling my lungs.
Our stare frozen in time.
I whisper in a soft seductive tone.
” Mmmmm my sweet Angel, you are everything to me, the air that I breathe, the reason my heart beats,
Without you I would be lost”
My lips connecting with yours, our mouths instinctively open, tongues immediately start dancing, tasting, teasing, as our kiss deepens with each passing moment. Lost in this space, right here, right now.

The essence of time

Almost two decades have passed
And still she runs through my thoughts
The intimate moments we shared
The laughs we had
The walks on the beach
Yet all I’m left with is a hollow heart
And the pain I went through
When she was gone

Years of pining
Many a sleepless night
She was the one that I lost
Life changes chose our path
Yet she’s always been with me
Entangled throughout my mind
Present in my thoughts
Her beauty
Her grace
Her warm, shy smile
And that look in her eyes
The sparkle that warmed my heart
Made me weak at the knees
Stirred up desires from deep within
Conjured lusted passions to rip through my veins
That look in her eyes
But not forgotten

Relationships have come and gone
Searching for that fire
To no avail
I start to wonder if its a game
Is my mind playing tricks on me?
Is what I think I remember real?
Nights spent laying in bed
Is she out there?
What is she up to?
Would she even remember me?
Sadness sweeps over me
Am I lusting over something
Some one
That doesn’t exist?

Another day at work
Keeping my mind at ease
As I walk down the street
Weaving through crowds
The streets so busy in the city
I turn to enter my usual coffee shop
Stopped in my tracks
I bump into a woman
My natural instinct to grab her by the hips to steady
As I gaze into her eyes to apologize
Not a word is uttered
An instant rush of emotion consumes me

For a split second
Time stands still
Her coffee hits the pavement
My heart skips a beat
The hollow diminishing into the depths of her eyes
Turn into tears
Fingers instinctively lace
Her touch electrifying
As passions from deep within

That long lost love
Pressing into my chest
Her essence once again filling my lungs
The feeling of not wanting to ever let go rippling through us
As we stand there
It’s her…

Her galloping heart

She sits
Finding her silence within the seas
The sound of every rippling wave
As it ends its journey on the shores
Settling in her ears

As she sits
Not Lost, but not yet found
Lonely, but not alone
A heart full of love
Yet loveless
Looking out
Into the depths of the sea
An endless space
Of hopes and dreams
As her mind visits a well known place
Sadness sweeps her existence
A vision that is him
The one that is out there
Craving for her
Her touch
Her beauty
Her mind
Her soul

The one she dreams of
But never met
The one that will soar with her
On a stallion
To the edges of the earth
And back again
The one that will sweep her off her feet
And never allow her to fall
The one that will take her to the heavens
Consume her in bliss
Love her with his all

There she sits
As the horizon takes new form
The sound of the seas
Whispering her call
The gallop now heard
As he enters her world

Can I change your tyre?

It’s hot and steamy
Edging a hundred degrees
I take off my shirt
And get down on my knees

Removing each nut
To change this tyre gone flat
Each muscle flexing
Throughout my rippling back

As you stand there watching
Amazed by what you see
Your heart starts racing
Legs crossing like you need to pee

Looking in your direction
Admiring your beauty and grace
An attraction felt between us
A salacious grin sweeps my face

Making my way over
To where you reside
You stand there frozen
Nowhere to hide

Pulling you into my chest
With a hold so strong
You relax into my touch
Right where you belong

Looking deep in your eyes
Lusted passions start to burn
Wetting between your thighs
As you start to yearn

Giving you my hand
I guide you with intention
As you follow in excitement
Our needs kept in suspension

Anticipation overwhelming
As we enter the hired room
Pay by the hour accommodation
Where heated desires will bloom

Exploring you with my mouth
Enjoying every rise and fall
Nipping, biting and sucking
Pushing you up against the wall

As our arousal comes together
Shared with someone not known
A feeling of such pleasure
Making me start to groan

Clenching around me in release
I fill you with my cum
As screams of pleasure echo
I slap you on the bum

Simultaneous smiles find our lips
We leave there as we came
Giving you a kiss good bye
Never to see you again…

The Shadow


In the centre of all that is light
and all that is dark
I ponder, as I leave my mark
Fading across with a gentle touch
Not present in day
nonexistent by night
The union of two will bring me to life
wanting, needing
craving that first bite
As desires grow strong in thoughts and minds
I make my move
there’s no time to hide
Whispering through
like a breath of wind
entangled in lusted dreams of sin
Wetting the core of those I pass
leaving them to crave
Will this for ever last?
The shadow…